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about me

I have been working with clay, predominantly porcelain, for over 25 years.


For a decade it was a hobby while I worked at the BBC, when I became freelance I started to study again.  I did a  Degree in Ceramics at Harrow, University of Westminster, and was fortunate enough to spend 6 months at New York University and a month in Maine doing a residency.  I have exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally (America and China).


Through my experiences travelling and working, I have always been interested in how people perceive and understand what they see/hear, and then how they act and react to it. I realise this can be a complex and fluid process - shifting with changing circumstance, knowledge and experience. Trying to capture this fluidly within the clay and express the various energy and movements of experiences, and reactions has been central to my work from the beginning.


My processes of production have always centred around the wheel; it’s immediacy appeals to me. Controlling the speed and pressure, I like to push the porcelain to its limits.


Typically I don’t glaze my pieces as the lines and marks made during throwing help evoke the movement and fluidity I want to portray. 


I continue to develop new bodies of work as I experience new things and observe the people and landscapes around me.

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