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This body of work looks at connections to time, place and people. We are continually influenced, shaped and directed (consciously and unconsciously) not just by what surrounds us, but by past events, thoughts and stories. The intertwined hand thrown ceramic pieces represent the fluidity of this unification. 

"The materials I have used also hold significance. In some pieces I have dug and processed the clay myself (connecting the work to a particular place and its history).  The land people farmed, walked on, lived upon is now my sculpture - the history and stories this material holds continues in new ways.  Similarly, the wood is sourced from local woods (5 miles from my studio). This material also holds its own history and stories- these will continue and change with my work,  connecting the past and present."

In Sync

This work looks at the dynamics of elements intertwining - moving, developing and influencing each other.

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